Reaching Out To Vulnerable Children

Children’s Stories

Collin’s Story

Collin is a total orphan living in a child headed family. Her family was affected by the LRA war in Northern Uganda. Her parents died during the war,  Read More

Daniel’s Story

Daniel is in Primary four. He lost his father when he was still a little boy. They are an LRA war displaced family living in Oyam district. Read More

Fiona’s Story

At 14, Fiona had never been to school. She had no one to take her there. Her parents abandoned her and she has been living by herself in a small grass thatched hut. Read More

Grace’s Story

Grace is 19 years old. She is in high school, year Four. Grace lost her mother when she was one month old. She was raised at the hands of a step mother. Read More

Hafiswa’s Story

Hafiswa is always smiling. She has had a smile on her face ever since we found her and took her back to school. She lives with her mother and grandmother in Kayunga district.  Read More

Joan’s Story

Joan is 8 years old. She is in primary two.  Her father died and left her in the care of her mother and grandmother together with five of her siblings. Her family is very poor and their home is in poor condition. Read More

Lucky’s Story

Lucky’s father was killed in the LRA war  in Amuria district. This forced her mother to leave her home together with all her children looking for a safer place to live. Read More

Porido’s Story

Porido is in Secondary year three and has four siblings. He comes from a poverty stricken family in Kisoro district. His parents are peasants. Read More

Stephen’s Story

Stephen, is nine years old. He is in primary two. Stephen has four siblings. His family was affected by the LRA war in the Northern district of Aleptong which left most of his relatives dead and Stephen’s family displaced by war. Read More

Susan’s Story

Susan is a beneficiary of the Love Unveiled Ministries’ scholarship scheme. She is very talented in Music Dance and Drama. Read More

Zaina’s Story

Zaina’s father lost his sanity when she was still a little girl. He ran mad. Her mother abandoned her at her grandmother’s place and remarried. She has never come back since then. Read More