Love Unveiled Ministries is committed to the great commission and our vision for the evangelism department is Transformed lives through the immeasurable and unconditional love of God which is backed up by our running statement “Born again to love and to serve” We love and express love because we have ourselves experienced it; the love of God compels us.

We are very passionate about reaching out to the youths and sharing the Good News with them. We visit them in primary schools, secondary schools, universities and churches. We share our personal testimonies and experiences with them.

We also work with churches to reach out to the communities around them; we do door to door out reaches, we find people wherever they are (homes, shops, gardens etc) and share the gospel with them. We also visit hospitals and pray for the sick. In communities we also organize crusades in the market centers and business areas, where we gather people and share with them the gospel.

In these outreaches, many souls have come to know the Lord. Many have experienced the love of Christ and have invited Him to be their personal Lord and Savior. This brings us so much joy!