As we envision a world with no gender disparity in regard to socio-economic contribution: A world where women are active participants in and beneficiaries of the socio-economic development of their communities: A world where the girl child is no longer regarded as “vulnerable” but rather as an important resource to the nation.

The role of education in women empowerment should never be underestimated; education places in the hands of women and girls a key to open the doors of their success and transformation; it helps a woman to help herself as well as her community.

The SSR project seeks to support women empowerment through girl child education. In view that the young girls of today are the future women of tomorrow and empowering them means empowering future generations.

The SSR program has three components; Start: Ensure that all school-age going girls start school, Stay: Campaigns in schools encouraging girls to stay in school, and Return: Seeking out-of-school dropouts and restoring them back to school and complete their education.

Love Unveiled Mininstries identifies and restores back to school girls who for one reason or the other had dropped out of school. Love Unveiled Ministries provides girls with school fees, scholastic materials and personal items to help them stay in school.

to keep a girl in school.