Reaching Out To Vulnerable Children

Collin’s Story

Collin is a total orphan living in a child headed family. Her family was affected by the LRA war in Northern Uganda. Her parents died during the war, she doesn’t have any memory of them for they died while she was still very young. Since then, her eldest brother Anthony assumed the parental role. He takes care of her and his other five siblings. Anthony is 24 and has a wife and one child, while Collin is 16 years old.

After the death of their parents, having moved from their severely war affected home area, they settled in a safer area in Oyam district as war displaced people. Since farming is the major economic activity in this area, and they as a family did not own any land, they had to rent land on which to do farming. Unfortunately, Anthony could not afford to rent enough land to grow food for home consumption and have a surplus to sell and raise school fees for his siblings. Subsequently, they all dropped out of school. Love Unveiled Ministries visited their home and restored Collin back to school. She is in Primary five and we believe that educating her will be beneficial to the entire family and community.  Please help Collin to stay in school.