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Love Unveiled Ministries is committed to the great commission (Mark 16:16).

Vision; Transformed lives through the immeasurable and unconditional love of God.

“Born again to love and to serve” (This is the running statement for Evangelism dept)

We are very passionate about reaching out to the youths and sharing the Good News with them, and in so doing we believe we are reaching out to many generations to come. We visit them in primary schools, secondary schools, universities, and churches. We share our personal testimonies and experiences with them.

We also work with churches to reach out to the communities around them; we do door to door outreaches, we find people wherever they are (homes, shops, gardens, etc) and share the gospel with them. With the help of the local churches, we identify needy families and give them love gifts. We also visit hospitals and pray for the sick. Love is more than a verbal declaration, it’s more real and well felt when expressed and shared.

We visit churches in the city and in the country and preach during their service times, and in other church meetings; in churches we also share our testimonies and encourage the body of Christ to stand strong in the love and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.

We organize youth meetings in the churches (mostly targeting the youths who are not in school), and in a special way, we minister to them. These youths, especially in the rural areas, have almost lost hope for the future; we help them to come to the realization that God loves them and only in Him is our hope for the future; as part of our love gifts, we help some of the youths to go back to school, and for others, we offer them business support and help others to find jobs. We have seen the Lord change lives in such outreaches; we are always humbled to witness hundreds of youths come to the Lord in such outreaches.

In these outreaches, many souls have come to know the Lord, many have experienced the love of Christ and we are always thrilled to see people receive Jesus Christ to be their Lord and Savior.

Love Youth Outreaches (Psalm 119:9)

Youths in schools, Colleges, and Universities

We have been blessed to have open doors to share the gospel to the youth and we do this in the following ways;

We visit primary schools (3-14years) and High schools (14-22 years) and share with them the love of Christ; We find the young people in schools during our school missions; we preach in their chapel services and Christian union meetings, we share with them our testimonies, we give them opportunities to ask questions and, we have series of heart to heart counseling with the students. In schools, we also minister to the teaching and non-teaching staff.

In colleges and universities (20-35 years), we preach in their Christian unions, in their chapels and hostels, we also organize various outdoor campus activities all geared towards making the gospel known and leading souls to Christ. As we show love to these youngsters, we share with them our testimonies and experiences; we tell them who we were before we met Christ and what we have become after receiving Christ and allowing him to change our lives for His glory; through this, we lead them to believe on the Lord Jesus Christ who has deeply and unconditionally loved us and graciously saved our lives.

Love In Communities

In communities, we also organize crusades in the market centers and business areas, where we gather people and share with them the gospel; bringing them to the love and knowledge of Jesus Christ.

In our community outreaches, we organize workshops and pieces of training especially for women where we teach them to work with their hands and feed their families, to start personal businesses and to raise their children in the knowledge and fear of the Lord.

In these outreaches, many souls have come to know the lord, many have experienced the love of Christ and we are always thrilled to see people receive Jesus Christ to be their lord and savior.

Love In-reach

We also organize events and activities to help the love ministers to grow in the love and knowledge of Jesus Christ; we have weekly branch fellowships, we organize quarterly prayer retreats, we do quarterly love gathering and annual joint LUM ministers’ fellowship.

Love the world

We started a Generation. JC movement (Generation.Jesus Christ movement) in May 2015, where we work with other like-minded mission teams and churches in Africa and beyond to spread the good news in this generation. We hope this movement will spread all over the world.  We are compelled that when the body of Christ works together in unity, more is accomplished to the glory of the Lord; we look forward to working with ministers and ministries all over the world who are passionate about spreading the gospel in this generation; the call is to lay down the pursuit for personal/individual fame and rising together in love and respect to serve the Lord as the body of Christ (1cor 12:12)and as children God has raised in this generation.

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