Reaching Out To Vulnerable Children

Youth Engagement in Community Service

Love Unveiled ministries through its Hero in Me (HIM) program mobilizes youth in Uganda and encourages them to participate in community service. Youths especially high school and college students as well as school dropouts are mobilized, trained, commissioned and supported to address the needs of their communities ranging from sanitation issues, environmental issues, and social work among others.

HIM gives youths a better and productive way of spending their free time instead of lying idle and engaging in unproductive and sometimes destructive, criminal or socially un acceptable activities.

The youth are encouraged to be the change they want to see and to work to achieve the change they desire.
Youth engagements also involve having youths supporting fellow youths and together they achieve their dreams and aspirations.

Platforms are provided for youths to share ideas, as well as bring onto the table what they have to offer to support one another especially through talent, knowledge as well as resources sharing.