Reaching Out To Vulnerable Children

Stephen’s Story

Stephen, is nine years old. He is in primary two. Stephen has four siblings. His family was affected by the LRA war in the Northern district of Aleptong which left most of his relatives dead and Stephen’s family displaced by war.
Their father moved them together with their cousins to safer villages until they settled in Oyam District as a displaced family. Having over 12 children to raise, their parents struggled to feed them. They did not own any land on which they could do farming, so they worked in indigenous people’s gardens to earn food. When life became so unbearable for them, their father out of depression committed suicide.

Love Unveiled Ministries took Stephen to school and it sponsors his school fees, provides books, pens, uniforms, food and other scholastic materials. We need support to keep Stephen in school as well as help his mother start up an income generating project from which she can take care of her other children.