Reaching Out To Vulnerable Children

Wellspring Ladies’ Gathering

About the Wellspring Ladies’ Gathering

On 28th December 2015 while in prayer, the Lord put a burden on Audrey’s heart for the young ladies especially those in the Universities. She came to realize that the Ladies in campuses are not being mentored and prepared to live the campus life and even more life after campus. Many of them are in search of a mother and a mentor; someone to hold their hands and show them the right way. And because many do not find one, they are being mislead and subsequently they are wasting their lives away. It was from this that the Wellspring gathering was birthed.

The Wellspring Gathering is an outreach arm of Love Unveiled Ministries (LUM). Its name is derived from Proverbs 16:22. It is open to ladies from all walks of life.

We have a passion for the young ladies. We believe that the ladies in universities need to be mentored and prepared to live the life that awaits them.

The wellspring gathering helps ladies to find purpose and fulfillment in God and to know that true love and satisfaction stream forth from the only fountain of Love which never runs dry; God Himself. The ladies are groomed to unconditionally love themselves as well as the people God has put and will put in their lives.

Through the wellspring gathering God gives the ladies an alternative plan (Luke 10:42).  The ladies are given another option among the many options which are always presented to them while at the university; the option of being in the presence of the Lord, learning from his word, enjoying the blessing of fellowship with other ladies and as iron sharpens iron (Proverbs 27:17), they have the opportunity to be shaped and molded to become better ladies.

The wellspring gathering is also a place where callings, talents and gifting are discovered and developed. It is a place where ladies let their light shine and a place where those who once lived in darkness without the light of our savior Jesus Christ are brought to the realization of his love and the light on their candles is re-kindled. The wellspring gathering is a healing place for the wounded, a restoration place for the shattered, a hiding place for the fearful, a refreshing place for the thirsty, a rejoicing place for the joyful and a giving place for the thankful.

From the Wellspring the Ladies emerge to be good sisters, servants, wives, mothers, daughters in laws, corporate ladies, business women, career women among others according to God’s divine purpose for each one of them.