Reaching Out To Vulnerable Children

Wellspring Women

Audrey has a heart for young women especially those in High school and college. She started the Wellspring mentoring classes having realized that the young women need to be guided and prepared to live the campus life and even more life after university. Many of them are in search of a mentor; someone to hold their hands and show them the right way.
The purpose of the wellspring gathering is to help ladies to find their purpose in life and to help them discover the blessing of being a woman.
Through the wellspring meetings, ladies are given an opportunity to learn from one another and from those who have walked before them and as iron sharpens iron, they are shaped and molded to become better women. The wellspring meeting is a place where callings, talents and gifting are discovered and developed. It is a place where ladies let their light shine and a place where the light on their candles is kindled.
It is a healing place for the wounded, a restoration place for the shattered, a hiding place for the fearful, a refreshing place for the thirsty, a rejoicing place for the joyful and a giving place for the thankful.
It is a place where the next generation of leaders is being raised, mentored, inspired and celebrated.

It begun as just a young women mentoring class run by Love Unveiled Ministries and in 2018, three years after its inception, it was registered as an independent organization to run the Love Unveiled Ministries’ projects and programs which specifically focus on women and girls. These include the Wellspring Young Women Gathering, The Girls’ Start Stay and Return to school (SSR) and Train a Woman (TAW).
The Wellspring Women Foundation derives its name from the Love Unveiled young women mentoring class; The Wellspring.
It is led by a team (most of whom are former mentees of the program);
Atuhumuze Audrey Patra (Team Leader and Chair)

Women in Africa have
responsibilities culturally attached to them and they are the ones who spend
most of the time with the children, and they interact more with the community
and the environment than the men. We believe that women empowerment is a key
thing in dealing with socio-economic as well as environmental challenges to
achieve sustainable development.

Love Unveiled Ministries offers starting capital for young women who are faced with financial situations. Love Unveiled Ministries also sponsors practical skills training for young women with which they can ably start up personal business. These are one off grants offered to women who have children and are struggling to raise them or girls who are not restored back to formal education.

Women International Leaders (WIL) is currently sponsoring our Train a Woman (TAW) Project in Oyam district. The TAW project aims at supporting girl-child education through sensitization, advocacy and sponsorship as well as setting up a training and mentorship center for women and girls in order to implement sustainable recurring women trainings and empowerment programs in this community.